What the World Needs

The world today is doing its best to come up with solutions to fix the problems of our time. For example, new gun regulations to prevent mass shootings. Maybe the solution that will fix all the world's problems isn't more regulations, rules, laws, or more government control; perhaps its one that it forgot about long ago - christianity. Listen to learn more!

Become Like a Child

Christ tells us that if we wish to go heaven we must become like a child. What does this mean? What qualities of a child must we possess? Listen in to find out!

A Function of Loving Each Other

Love, it is one of the most important things that we do as christians, but how can we get better at it? Give this a lesson a listen, for insights from God's Word on how to love.

Losing your Fire

Feel like giving up on Christ? Losing your passion for delivering HIs Word? This lesson is for you.